Improve Acceptance Rates

When it comes to applying for a mobile contract, there are a few things you can do to help improve your chances. Below are some basic rules for you to follow that should help you get approved the next time you apply for a mobile contract.

  1. Be realistic. Know what you can afford and what your credit score is. Don't apply for some extravagant contract that is unlikely to be approved. Keep it simple and know what you can and cannot apply for.
  2. Apply directly with the mobile carrier. Don't go through mobile retailers who have to charge for their services. If you don't want to go around to each companies site, you can use a site like ours to see what deals are out there for you and then apply directly to that company through our site. We don't charge any fees for this service as well!
  3. Make sure you have completed your application correctly and entirely. Don't waste time by submitting an application that isn't correct because the mobile companies will know and they won't be able to give you a contract.
  4. If you have recently been rejected for a phone contract, wait a little while before applying again. If you apply too many times in a short amount of time, it looks bad and it will make it harder to get approved. Wait a couple of weeks between applications to improve your odds.
  5. Lastly, you should apply for the cheapest kinds of contracts you can find. This will usually take the form of something like a Sim Only deal. With this type of contract you only pay for the data plan and you provide the handset yourself. This makes them much cheaper contracts and thus you are more likely to approved for them.

If you follow the above rules you should have no problem getting approved for a mobile contract. If you don't get one your first time, just keep at it. Wait a little while and then apply again for something cheaper. Keep doing this until you get approved.